MASTERCLASS: Beyond Lipedema

Kudos to you! Because just taking this step is a big step. Just asking the question, What can I do to live with this disease in such a way that it doesn't have me? Watch the welcome video below to learn more...

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Living Well with Lipedema

Have you felt discouraged… confused… hopeless… dealing with lipedema? Are you concerned about your mobility and struggling to manage pain? Or have you been managing ok, and are ready to experience a quantum leap in your own self-care and self-love?

There is now hope and a way to transform your experience.

Our MasterClass is a six-month comprehensive holistic program, focusing in depth on physical, mental/ psychological, emotional, spiritual, and social domains.

The MasterClass provides 6 months of support -  8 online classes with 24 LIVE Q&A coaching sessions and 24 LIVE "going deeper and letting go" coaching sessions for ongoing support plus 6 one-to-one private coaching sessions.

The community that forms for each MasterClass is limited to 12-15 participants. We find that this size group lends itself to an intimate environment of trust as well as strong bonding and belonging.

You can master lipedema. You can live your BEST life. You can Live Well with Lipedema.

You will develop, customize, and refine a multidisciplinary, personalized, and “unique to you” program for mastering lipedema and living your BEST life in five domains: physical, mental/psychological, emotional, spiritual and social.

Kathy's doctors gave up on her but she didn't lose hope that she could get better.


Nobuhle found the support that she needed for a long time.


 Program Details

July-December 2021

6 full months of support with 8 online classes, 24 LIVE Q&A weekly group coaching sessions and 24 "going deeper and letting go" LIVE group coaching sessions, and 6 one-to-one private coaching sessions. 

Topics covered

  • Overview: Lipedema and its challenges
    • You will learn the basics, symptoms, and treatments for lipedema.
  • Emotional Wellness: How to make every moment an opportunity for letting go
    • You will learn how to identify and release unwanted feelings, disturbing emotions, and old/self-sabotaging patterns of behavior.
  • Tapping your self-compassionate spirit: Inviting meditation; Inviting your benefactors
    • You will learn how to focus and center in order to invite and embrace calm, self-loving, and peace.
  • Treatment: What is right for you?
    • You will learn how to customize for your personal situation.  Examples:
      • CDT – Complete Decongestive Therapies (MLD, compression, skin care, etc)
      • Nutrition and anti-Inflammation strategies 
      • Psychological and emotional strategies to mitigate the impact of lipedema
  • Transitioning through mobility issues, how to prevent immobility or regain mobility
    • You will learn simple and doable strategies to maintain mobility or how to learn to walk again.
  • Food, food, food: What is really going to help?
    • You will learn how to understand your own bioindividuality and to then biohack customizing your food plan to enjoy luxurious food and reduce inflammation, lose weight, and eliminate pain, swelling, and volume.
  • Movement, stretching, and body love
    • You will learn how to boogie, laugh, and splash your way to feeling better
  • Lipedema Liposuction: Is it for YOU? What you need to know
    • You will learn about surgical intervention options and if it's a good fit for you.
  • In the driver’s seat: Harnessing the power of your brain
    • You will learn about your brain's capacity, what limits it, and develop your own personalized protocol for harnessing your brain's hidden potential so that you can create a quantum leap.
  • Me, You, We, Us: Building community
    • We will learn about true and deep belonging, both giving and receiving support, encouragement and love.
  • Feeling better, day-by-day, everyday
    • You will learn how to celebrate and move forward each and every day no matter what.

Guest Speakers (see list below): Our guest speakers are international experts in lipedema, a ketogenic lifestyle, mobility, movement, lymphedema, living with chronic diseases, meditation, and other relevant topics.

Six Months of Group sessions 

2 weekly LIVE sessions: 1 (one) for general Q&A and 1 (one) for emotional wellness in deepening self-awareness and self-compassion (approx. 60-75 minutes each session).

Individual Private Coaching/Consulting sessions 

6 (six) personal one-to-one private coaching sessions for lipedema management, diet/exercise and releasing (scheduled by appointment-over 6 months). Additional coaching sessions are available (fees apply).

Private Facebook Mentoring group:

Your financial investment:

$7,600 (monthly payment plan / $1,267 per month for 6 months)

$7,000 (save $600 / discount for single payment)

Note: payment is non-refundable

Signup BONUS: You will receive FREE registration for our 3-day Symposium scheduled for Oct 22-24, 2021. More fun surprises along our journey as well.

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MasterClass Faculty

Meet our faculty. We are lipedema ladies, advocates, coaches, consultants, mentors, therapists, researchers, and healthcare professionals in various disciplines. Most importantly we care about you and helping you to empower yourself to stop the progression of lipedema and/or lymphedema, prevent or regain mobility, and live a full and thriving life. We are here to support, encourage, inform, and care about YOU! We have your back as you find your way to health and well-being.

Catherine Seo, PhD

MasterClass Course Director, Founder & CEO of Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project, Professor of Psychology

Catherine produced and directed the documentary, The Disease They Call FAT, and was one of the co-authors of the book, Lipedema-The Disease They Call FAT: An Overview for Clinicians. She holds a doctorate in Media Psychology. She has lipedema, lymphedema, has struggled with obesity, and recently had a total hip replacement. Catherine brings knowledge, compassion, and humor to living with a chronic condition. She was recently certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.

Matthew Carmody, MD

Internist, Primary Care Physician, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Matthew Carmody is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, Internal Medicine Physician practitioner, teacher, researcher (patient interview, medical practice system change), Primary Care Center at Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dr. Carmody is a Lipedema and Obesity medicine lecturer and actively designing enhanced approaches to lipedema and obesity in primary care practice.

Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA  

President & Director of Research for The Lipedema Project and an instructor in lymphedema therapy for Klose Training and Consulting

Leslyn was in private practice in lymphedema/lipedema therapy for over 20 years. She has completed research about lifestyle change, including a ketogenic way of eating, for participants who were diagnosed with lymphedema and obesity. Leslyn has a doctorate in Occupational Therapy and has been treating lymphatic disorders since 2000. She is author of the leading-edge book, The Ketogenic Solution for Lymphatic Disorders: Lose Weight and Dramatically Reduce Lymphatic Swelling.

MasterClass Guest Experts Presentations

Joanna Dudek, PhD/Poland: Quality of Life: Living Well with Lipedema

Laura Westman, PCC, ACCC/USA-New York: Taking Back Your Power from Chronic Health Issues

Prof Timothy Noakes, MD/South Africa: My Journey from Carb-Loading to Carb-Avoidance

Jackie Eberstein, RN/USA-New York: Hormone Changes and Weight Management

Dorit Tidhar, MScPT/Israel: Aquatic Lymphatic Therapy

Rosemary Kelly/Canada & India, Pascale & Class/France: Laughter Yoga

Jonno Proudfoot/South Africa: Real Meal Revolution – Playing to Win

Carla Brennan/USA-CA: Meditation and Self-Compassion

Jason Quinn/USA-CA: Zen and the Art of Keto

Rick Solomon/USA-WA: Releasing – How to Let Go

and much, much, more…


Our MasterClass is a six-month comprehensive holistic program, focusing in depth on physical, mental/ psychological, emotional, spiritual, and social domains.

I have waited a lifetime to be my friend

Since my MasterClass blew away all my expectations because it was an awesome experience, it is hard to form new expectations. I eagerly await the next step.

My hope someday, I will be able to look in a full length mirror without clothes and not cringe or feel shame. I want to love and respect and accept me from the outside in. Like the quote at the beginning of my MasterClass...I have waited a lifetime to be my friend. ~Gerri H.

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