Everyday Keto for Lipedema

Everyday Keto for Lipedema

Eating well for Lymphatic & Fat Disorders
is the first keto guide and cookbook written specifically for women with lipedema, lymphedema, lipolymphedema, Dercum disease, & obesity.


We take keto to the next level by recognising we are all individual and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  This book will guide you through the weight-loss and maintenance phases of the ketogenic lifestyle with plenty of biohacking tips and facts. Matched with loads of delicious yet simple, easy to follow recipes designed specifically for those of us with lipedema, and fat/lymphatic disorders. Everyday Keto will become your daily go-to for help to take control of your health and feel empowered in your body while eating food that is luxurious, satisfying, and seemingly decadent.

Keto is a Lifestyle

We know that standard weight loss diets are ineffective for women with lymphatic & fat disorders.  The prospect of trying yet another ‘diet’ is usually coupled with feelings of frustration and defeat from years of previous unsuccessful attempts. Experiencing the all-too-common rebound weight gain after enduring calorie restricted diets is the undeserved prize for heroic efforts. That’s because standard diets don’t address the underlying cause of chronic weight gain.

Love Your Food

Everyday keto for lipedema shows you how to embrace quality, nutrient dense foods that keep you feeling satisfied and not only enjoying food but loving food! We also share the ‘why and how to’ for both intermittent and extended fasting and how fasting can enhance your journey to greater health and well-being. We also include adaptations you can tailor to your own unique body such as avoiding or overcoming stalls, using Carnivore as an elimination diet, addressing food intolerances, tracking macros, ketones and success, and biohacking in small and big ways to enhance everyday health and vitality.

Ketogenic Lifestyle

This book will give you everything you need to start a new keto eating lifestyle that doesn’t blame or shame or tell you that weight gain is all your fault. Understanding key body processes that drive disproportionate and chronic weight gain such as hormonal imbalance, pain and inflammation, insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerance replaces the outdated propaganda of simply eating less and exercising your butt off! In fact, quite the opposite – keto encourages satiety and helps you to discover foods you love that love you back!

Our Co-Authors

Megan Pfeffer, BHSc. Clinical & Therapeutic Nutritionist

Mende Staggs, BA. Keto Chef & Coach

Raeann Sparks, BEd. Keto & Mobility Coach

Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA. Researcher, Lymphatic Instructor, Occupational Therapist

Catherine Seo, PhD. Founder & Director, Lipedema Simplified


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